Ukrainian Minister of Defense: Ukraine's Armed Forces took control of strategic position near Avdiivka

After the separatist attack that occurred on Sunday morning, the Ukrainian armed forces counterattacked and manage to take control of a strategic position in the area of Avdiivka industrial zone, as stated by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense citing the head of the Ministry, Stepan Poltorak.

Poltorak made this statement while visiting wounded servicemen at the Lviv Military hospital.

“Today we have witnessed aggravation of the situation at Avdiivka. In the morning, the separatist have started shelling our positions, and then two enemy groups of 25-30 people each began an attack on our positions.  The attack was stopped at one of the positions by the servicemen of the Ukrainian forces, and at the second position, our servicemen counterattacked and took control of an important frontier which is of a strategic importance,” the Minister stated.

According to him the situation in the area remains volatile but is  under the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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