Ukrainian MFA: 10,000 Ukrainians have been killed in the Donbas

Since the beginning of Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine (20 February 2014), more than 9,800 Ukrainians have been killed and approximately 23,000 more injured, the press service of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reported. Over the three-year period of the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, almost 1.8 million people have become internally displaced.

“The Russian-Ukrainian border, which has a length of 409.7 kilometers still remains beyond the control of the Ukrainian Government,” the Agency’s report says. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry also noted that fundamental human rights are systematically violated in the annexed Crimea. Ukrainian activists and the indigenous people of the Crimea – Crimean Tatars, are the most affected by these violations.

“Russia continues to inflame the conflict in the Donbas. It deploys troops and mercenaries to the territory, which is beyond the control of the Ukrainian Government. Russia provides insurgents and separatists with modern weapons and military equipment,” the report says.

In early December 2016, 22 Ukrainian servicemen were killed in the Donbas.

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