Ukrainian Foreign Ministry: We could not abstain from voting for the UN resolution on Israel

Ukraine could not abstain during the voting at the UN Security Council regarding Israeli settlements in the West Bank, as reported by the State Secretary of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Director General for the Middle East and Africa, Andrii Zayats, “5 Channel” reports.

“During preparations for this voting, all possibilities were considered. All pros and cons were weighed. As a result, the leadership made a decision that was implemented by the permanent representative of Ukraine to the UN to vote in favor. If we abstained—let us imagine—13 member countries of the Security Council vote in favor. And such long-time partners of Israel as Great Britain and Russia, with whom the current leadership of Israel has had active relations. What would we have gained? Of course, the Israeli government would have been grateful to us but we would have lost a big list of other things,” he stated.

 “Because this way we would not be in compliance with international law, which we are fond of quoting. Since the beginning of Russian aggression, we use any possibility… How we would trust the permanent representative of Ukraine?” Zayats added.

Earlier the UN Security Council adopted a resolution that calls on Israel to stop construction of settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory including Eastern Jerusalem. The resolution was supported by 14 members of the Council while America abstained.

In this regard, the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu canceled Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman’s planned visit to Israel. According to Israeli media, Netanyahu ordered to reduce the work relations with the members of the 12 countries, including Ukraine. In response, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Ambassador of Israel in Kyiv to explain Ukraine’s vote. During the meeting, Ukraine made a plea to stop fanning anti-Ukrainian hysteria.

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