Ukrainian Armed Forces reports record number of attacks near Donetsk

Over a 24 hour span on Saturday and Sunday, Russian-backed separatists initiated 62 attacks near Donetsk. This record number was reported by the press center of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on Sunday. Eight more attacks were reported near Mariupol, while one was recorded near Lugansk.

“There were 19 mortar attacks recorded along the demarcation line. The situation near Avdiivka remains tense. In addition to mortars and grenade launchers, militants also used a tank and a 122 mm cannon on two occasions,” the press center said.

Donetsk separatists have argued that on the 12th of March, Ukrainian forces shelled a checkpoint situated on the outskirts of Yasynuvata. Conflict in the Zaitseve village was also confirmed by both parties.

Lugansk separatists did not report any clashes.

In January, the Trilateral Contact Group in Minsk agreed on another ceasefire in the combat zone. This came into effect on the 14th of January. However, since the agreement, parties involved in the conflict have repeatedly accused each other of ceasefire violations.

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