Ukraine's Motor Sich company developed a new attack helicopter

Specialists of the Motor Sich Public Joint Stock Company, in joint cooperation with Luch Construction Bureau, have developed a Mi-8MSB-V attack helicopter. According to "Military informator" news portal,  Barrier-V RK-2Vanti-tank missiles will be mounted on these helicopters. The design of the helicopter was presented and discussed at the Arms and Security 2016 international military exhibition in Kyiv.

The new helicopter attack system is designed for the destruction of stationary and movable modern armored targets, which have composite, spaced or monolithic armor with a dynamic protection. It is also designed for the destruction of small-sized targets such as firing positions, tanks in the trenches, soft-armor vehicles and enemy helicopters. The Barrier-V RK-2V anti-tank missiles in the transport and launch container, which are fixed on special launching devices, are also a part of this strike system.

The strike system also includes a Spectr optical-electronic module mounted at the front of the cockpit. The cockpit also has an indicator box or display, a missile weapons control unit and a guidance device or joystick. The maximum strike range of the new missile system is approximately 7,000 meters, while the weight of the missile is 43 kilograms. The penetration is approximately 800 mm, and the likelihood of hitting the target is between 0,7 and 0,85.

The guidance system of the new missile system allows automatic target tracking by a laser beam as well as TV auto-tracking of the target.

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