Ukraine Proposes New Trade Route to Bypass Russia

Ukraine will try to circumvent the blockade of the transit of goods through Russian territory by using a "New Silk Road". The route will be put to the test on January 15th as a train departs from the city of Ilyichevsk for a demonstration. This information was provided by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, as reported by Apostrophe.

The Ministry stated that on January 15th the first train will ride the new "Silk Road" from Ukraine to China. The container train will leave from Ilyichevsk on a route traversing Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and eventually China, via the Caspian and the Black Sea. The route will include two ferry rides on the Black and Caspian Seas, from Ilyichevsk to Batumi and then from Alyat to Aktau Port. The total transit time will take about 11 days but much will depend on weather conditions, especially when using the ferry.

According to experts, this method of delivery will bypass Russian territory but it will be more expensive and will take more time.

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