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  • Ukraine loses billions of dollars due to the financial aggression of Russia

    Direct financial losses for Ukraine as a result of Russia’s aggressive trading amount to nearly a billion dollars, Deputy Minister for Economic Development and Trade and Trade Representative of Ukraine Nataliya Mykolska said in an interview with DT.UA.

    The greatest loses affected exports to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

    “Our biggest losses were exports to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, where 40 percent of exports was lost. But exports to other countries were also hit as well. If it’s all totaled up, …

  • Ukraine filed a new lawsuit with the WTO against Russia

    Ukraine filed a lawsuit against Russia with the World Trade Organisation due to the restrictions on the transit of Ukrainian goods.

    This was reported on the website of the Ukrainian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

    “On the 9th of February, Ukraine filed a request with the WTO to create a group of experts on the matter of the numerous restrictions on transit from Ukrainian territory through Russian territory and also that of other countries: Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan” the report …

  • Russia wants to organize freight traffic with the EU bypassing Poland

    Russia’s Ministry of Transport is considering a possible increase in ferry line freight transportation routes, which bypass Poland, between Russia and the European Union (EU).

    This is according to a statement of the Rosavtotrans state transport agency. This issue was discussed by the management of Dutch company, DFDS, and Russia’s Deputy Minister of Transport, Nikolay Asaul. They also discussed the development of a draft memorandum.

    Russian officials hope that transporters will be able to …

  • WTO rules against Russia in favor of the EU

    The import dues imposed by the Russian Federation on some agricultural and industrial goods contradict the WTO rules

    The World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled against the Russian Federation (RF) in favor of the European Union as indicated in the published decision of the WTO, Deutsche Welle reports.

    This was the first such decision since Russia’s admission to the WTO.

    WTO arbitrators ascertained that the Russian import dues on some agricultural and industrial goods were contrary to the rules …

  • 143 shipping containers were not allowed to cross the border from Ukraine to Russia

    143 railway shipping containers filled with Ukrainian goods, which were headed to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, were detained at the Russian border, the press service of the Ukrainian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.

    It was reported that as of the morning of August 1, 2016, 143 railway cars, which were going to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, were detained at the Ukraine-Russia border. "106 of these cars were sent to an alternate route, 33 cars were redirected to a receiving …

  • Transit of Russian gas reached record low

    The head of Naftogaz, Andriy Kobolyev, has reported on the low volumes of Russian gas transit and explained that this a result of the pressure that Moscow is exerting on Kiev. He said this while on air with Channel 5.

    “Transit volumes have continued to decrease and are now at a record low. This is related to the pressure that Russia exerts on Ukraine and Naftogaz. Its goals are to firstly minimize the revenue from this type of business and secondly, I think, it is part of a tactic to promote …

  • Kazakhstan offers Ukraine an option to transport cargo bypassing Russia

    Kazakhstan has offered Ukraine the option to use an alternative transport route through the Kazakh port of Aktau to bypass the Russian territory. This was reported by the Atameken National Chamber of the Entrepreneurs (NCE) of the Republic of Kazakhstan, citing the Deputy Chairman of the NCE Dana Zhunusova.

    Due to the introduction of additional restrictive measures by the Russian Federation as of July 1st imposed on the transit of Ukrainian products through Russian territory to Kazakhstan and …

  • Russia receives documents from Kiev to continue transit of goods through Ukrainian territory

    As reported by the Association of International Road Carriers, Russia received documents from Kiev approving the transit of goods through Ukraine.

    The Association noted that the documents have several limitations. In particular, the approval does not include cargo transportation through Ukraine to Italy or Turkey, and some of the permits are not valid for delivery of cargo to Germany.

    Carriers can get permits in designated offices. The Association of International Road Carriers recommends …

  • Russia issues appeal to Ukraine to bilaterally lift restrictions on transit

    The head of the Association of International Road Carriers of Ukraine (AIRCU), Leonid Kostyuchenko, commenting on the statement of the Ministry of Transport, reported to UNIAN that Ukraine has received an official appeal from the Russian Federation concerning the bilateral lifting of restrictions on transit through both countries.

    “We hope that Ukraine and Russia will reach an agreement on the bilateral lifting of restrictions on transit tomorrow. Russia has already sent a letter offering to …

  • Kiev Assures the EU that Ukraine will Allow the Transit of Russian Trucks

    According to a statement published on the website of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, the Ministry’s head, Andriy Pyvovarsky, has assured the EU Ambassador to Ukraine, Jan Tombiński, that Russian trucks will be allowed to pass through the country.

    As it was noted in the statement, during the meeting that was held on the 19th of February, Tombiński relayed the concerns expressed by the Western partners of Ukraine, as most of the products which are transported through Ukraine are …