Kiev Assures the EU that Ukraine will Allow the Transit of Russian Trucks

According to a statement published on the website of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, the Ministry’s head, Andriy Pyvovarsky, has assured the EU Ambassador to Ukraine, Jan Tombiński, that Russian trucks will be allowed to pass through the country.

As it was noted in the statement, during the meeting that was held on the 19th of February, Tombiński relayed the concerns expressed by the Western partners of Ukraine, as most of the products which are transported through Ukraine are brought to the European Union countries.

According to him, the international community hopes that Ukraine will remain a reliable transit country and that the disruptions in the transit system are a temporary phenomenon. Pyvovarsky explained that transit is only suspended temporarily until the situation settles.  

“The first step was taken. According to Operational Headquarters, the ‘go home’ method worked. The number of appeals has declined over the last few days. Both parties released detained cars. The drivers completed their routes without clashes and returned home. Reports about complications weren’t received,” the Minister stated.

He also noted that Ukraine recognizes its obligation to ensure unhindered and reliable transit in accordance with international treaties and conventions, GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) and WTO (World Trade Organization) requirements.

Recently, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine agreed on the unhindered return of Ukrainian trucks, which were on the territory of Russia or in Asian countries that border the Russian Federation, as a result of the transit suspension in Ukraine. In turn, Ukraine allowed Russian trucks that were waiting to returning home from EU countries, to drive through its territory.

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