Transit of Russian gas reached record low

The head of Naftogaz, Andriy Kobolyev, has reported on the low volumes of Russian gas transit and explained that this a result of the pressure that Moscow is exerting on Kiev. He said this while on air with Channel 5.

“Transit volumes have continued to decrease and are now at a record low. This is related to the pressure that Russia exerts on Ukraine and Naftogaz. Its goals are to firstly minimize the revenue from this type of business and secondly, I think, it is part of a tactic to promote the North Stream-2,” Kobolyev said.

According to Ukrtransgaz, on the 24th and the 25th of July, gas transit through the Ukrainian gas transportation system was reduced to 154-155 million cubic meters of gas per day, compared with 180-210 million cubic meters in the first twenty days of July.

According to Kobolyev, in addition to the reduction of the volume of transit, Russia has also reduced the pressure at the inlet of Ukraine's GTS, which has created some technological problems for Ukrtransgaz.

He also stated that the issue of non-compliance by Gazprom, with regard to contractual obligations in connection to the gas supply pressure, will also be submitted to the Stockholm arbitration courts.

Kobolyev had previously stated that it costs more for Ukraine to buy gas in Europe than it does to buy gas from Russia.

Gazprom had previously announced that it intends to reduce gas transit through Ukraine because transit via the North Stream-2 is 20% cheaper.

Naftogaz said that in 2020, gas transit through Ukraine will be four times cheaper.

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