Kazakhstan offers Ukraine an option to transport cargo bypassing Russia

Kazakhstan has offered Ukraine the option to use an alternative transport route through the Kazakh port of Aktau to bypass the Russian territory. This was reported by the Atameken National Chamber of the Entrepreneurs (NCE) of the Republic of Kazakhstan, citing the Deputy Chairman of the NCE Dana Zhunusova.

Due to the introduction of additional restrictive measures by the Russian Federation as of July 1st imposed on the transit of Ukrainian products through Russian territory to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan offers the carriers to use the "Silk Road," as an alternative route for the delivery of Ukrainian goods. This will allow the Ukrainian carriers to bypass the territory of Russian Federation.

"Today, the question is quite relevant. Yes, we must admit honestly that not everything is perfect on this route, but at the same time the prospects and the potential of the route through the Kazakhstan port of Aktau are high enough. Today about 70% of goods from Turkey to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are transported using this route and we are now proposing to use it for the delivery of goods from Ukraine," Zhunusova’s statement says.

On July 1st, the Russian Federation introduced additional restrictive measures on the transit of Ukrainian goods through Russia to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. According to the National Bank of Ukraine, such trade restrictions imposed by the Russian Federation will lead to a decrease of Ukrainian exports by $1.3 billion.

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