Ukraine and Israeli company Orbit discuss upgrading Ukrainian military aircraft

The work group for the Ukrainian Air Forces Command discussed the modernization of military aircraft and helicopters with representatives of the Israeli company, Orbit, according to the Ministry of Defense.

As reported on Tuesday by the Press Service of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, at the meeting with the Ukrainian Air Forces Command, the representatives of Orbit spoke about the company's activities, their developments and also introduced a new communications system, Orion, which is now used on civil and military air and sea vessels of leading countries. Orbit is the developer and supplier of the integrated communication systems for use in the air, marine, terrestrial and space sectors.

As noted by the Chairman of the work group for the Armed Forces, Air Chief Engineer of the Air Forces, Major General Petro Skorenko, the latest developments in the field of communication are extremely interesting for Ukraine. The Vice President of Orbit, Samuel Snir, described the ability of specialists to tailor the Orion communications system in accordance with the needs of combat, transport aircraft and helicopters that are in service in the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

"The parties agreed to continue cooperation and to involve the engineers from Ukrainian defense enterprises that are engaged in the modernization of Ukrainian military aircraft and helicopters," the report stated.

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