The Security Service of Ukraine: Restoration of control over the Donbas is imminent

Yuriy Tandit, the Advisor to the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine, claimed during a live broadcast of 112 Ukraine that the Ukrainian Armed Forces were sufficiently trained and armed to repel attacks and preserve the country’s territorial integrity.

According to Tandit, Ukraine now has enough military force to maintain the state’s integrity. He said if "Putin planned to go to territories under Ukrainian law, he would be committing suicide.” Tandit believes that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will return the entire territory of Donbas to Kiev’s control very soon. "If we openly start to attack, we could lose a lot of our guys, even though we are well armed. The dynamics of the event suggests that the events of this year will help us to reclaim the territories,” he said.

On the 11th of April, 2016 the OSCE reported that the incidence of the ceasefire violations in the Donetsk region had increased significantly. The violence has reached an unprecedented level since the ceasefire regime was imposed in 2015.

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