National Guard of Ukraine: Part of Azov Battalion was withdrawn from Mariupol to strengthen Azov coast

The Azov unit’s withdrawal was explained as a redeployment of forces to gain better control over the coast of the Sea of Azov.

Part of the regiment was withdrawn from Mariupol in connection with the planned redeployment of forces in order to gain better control over the Azov coast. This was reported by the press service of the National Guard of Ukraine (NGU).

“A planned regrouping of forces and means of the National Guard was conducted in the ATO zone. In order to strengthen control over the Azov coast and prevent penetration by sabotage and reconnaissance groups, a part of the special purpose 3057 Azov unit was relocated to perform tasks in this direction,” the National Guard press service stated.

According to the NGU, the separate special purpose Azov military unit continues to perform tasks stipulated by Ukrainian law.

“The quantitative and qualitative composition of the NGU in Mariupol is not reduced, allowing us to maintain the city’s defenses at a high level,” the National Guard press service assured.

Yesterday it became known that the National Guard had withdrawn a separate special purpose Azov unit from Mariupol to the Zaporizhzhya region. Azov members said they do not rule out the possibility that “soldiers were withdrawn so that they wouldn’t interfere with the surrender of positions and whole cities.”

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