Swedish General urges the Baltic States to prepare for 'challenges' from Russia

The Baltic States have to be ready for new challenges in the field of security against the backdrop of Russia’s strategic steps, which are different from those made during the Cold War. This was the statement made by the former chief of the Armed Forces of Sweden, General Sverker Göranson.

“The Baltic countries are affected by climate change, hybrid offenses ... We are faced with a difficult situation in the field of security, leading to a number of other challenges,” Göranson said at the 2016 Riga Conference, a forum on security and foreign policy, rus.tvnet.lv writes.

According to Göranson, national security and defense strategies that were developed 25 years ago have become obsolete, “which is confirmed by the situation in Ukraine.”

“We need mutual cooperation to develop the concept of total defense. This requires joint action by the entire European Union in partnership with the US,” Göranson said.

He recalled that it has already been nine years since Latvia moved to a completely professional army and has no plans to return to compulsory recruitment. Now, the main priorities of national defense are warning systems, information about Russian military action and protection from the threats of hybrid war, the commander added.

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