NATO seeks faster response time to threats of hybrid warfare

NATO’s leadership is preparing a new concept which will facilitate a faster response time to new kinds of threats, such as hybrid warfare.  This was reported by the Financial Times.

“We are now faced with scenarios where the start of the crisis is not obvious.  An example is hybrid war scenarios where non-state and hidden forces take action,” NATO's Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT), General Denis Mercier, stated.

He also said that ministers of member countries have had discussions about similar scenarios, and also discussed the resulting action plans with regard to the coordination of NATO forces.

“The military headquarters will develop a new concept to present to NATO.  It will be based on primary strategic estimations of the events that will unfold, which in turn is based on unclassified information,” Mercier explained.

According to him, it is not only military intelligence data that will be analyzed but also information that is freely available.  This includes information that can be found on the Internet, from diplomatic sources, from analytic centers, from research institutes and from local residents.  All of this, in his opinion, will significantly speed up the decision-making process.

  NATO, Hybrid Warfare