Right-wing radicals in Poland protest against the 'Ukrainization of the job market'

Right-wing radicals in Poland held a protest to show their disagreement with the government’s eastern migration policy, Polish radio reported.

Representatives and supporters, especially the “National-Radical Camp” (ONR) and the “All-Polish Youth” protested outside the Prime Minister’s office against the government’s eastern immigration policy and against Ukrainians coming to Poland.

The protesters believe that a “Ukrainization” of the Polish job market is taking place.

“In our opinion, this is a continuation of the ‘Civic Platform’ policy. In 2016 more than a million Ukrainians came to Poland. In the ONR’s opinion, a gradual Ukrainization of the Polish job market is taking place,” said ONR spokesperson Tomasz Kalinowski.

According to him, the government is creating conditions under which employers can exchange their Polish employees for Ukrainians who are willing to work for lower salaries. As a result of this, Kalinowski claimed, Poles are going to the west for work, especially to Germany.

Participants in the protest said that demonstration was directed against the government’s activity and not “against any specific nationality”.

There was also a counter demonstration in front of the Prime Minister’s Office. Its participants, who appeared with a banner reading “My homeland is humanity”, chanted “Poland is free of fascism” and “Nationalism shall not pass”. Both demonstrations were dispersed by the police.

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