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  • 10,000 protested in Belgrade, Serbia

    On Saturday, April 8, in the capital of Serbia, more than ten thousand citizens gathered in protest against Aleksandar Vučić’s victory in the presidential election. The opposition fears that Vučić would threaten the country by establishing a dictatorship. The streets were filled mainly with students, police and army representatives.

    Vučić won the election in the first round, gaining 55 percent of the vote. His main rival, opposition candidate Sasha Jankovic scored 16 percent of the vote and …

  • Belarusian opposition leader Statkevich mysteriously disappeared

    Mikola Statkevich, one of the leaders of the Belarusian National Congress or BNK, has disappeared and has not contacted anyone since March 23, his wife, Marina Adamovich told Deutsche Welle.

    Statkevich was supposed to be in Minsk near the Academy of Sciences for Freedom Day on Saturday, March 25. As the BNK organizer for the event, he had planned for a procession to start along the main avenue of the Belarusian capital but he never showed up.

    "The last time I saw Mikola was on Thursday …

  • Polish President disappointed with Lukashenko’s handling of the protests

    President of Poland Andrzej Duda is disappointed with the reaction of Belarusian authorities toward participants of a protest rally held on Freedom Day, March 25th.

    He said this at a meeting with the presidents of Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as reported by Onet, with reference to Polish Press Agency.

    “I watched with great disappointment how the Belarusian authorities dealt with the protesters,” Duda said.

    He also said that he is concerned about the detention of Polish citizens in …

  • Right-wing radicals in Poland protest against the 'Ukrainization of the job market'

    Right-wing radicals in Poland held a protest to show their disagreement with the government’s eastern migration policy, Polish radio reported.

    Representatives and supporters, especially the “National-Radical Camp” (ONR) and the “All-Polish Youth” protested outside the Prime Minister’s office against the government’s eastern immigration policy and against Ukrainians coming to Poland.

    The protesters believe that a “Ukrainization” of the Polish job market is taking place.

    “In our opinion, this …

  • Protesters Surround Parliament Building in Moldova

    In Moldova, supporters of the opposition parties gathered in protest at the Parliament building in Chisinau on January 20th after lawmakers voted to approve a new government headed by a new pro-European Prime Minister, Pavel Filip. According to some reports, protesters also attempted to break into the Parliament building.

    On Wednesday, the Moldovan Parliament approved a new pro-European government, ending a political crisis that lasted months. 57 out of 101 deputies voted for a government …