Poll: Almost 30% of Ukrainians think it is necessary to continue the war in the Donbas

Almost a third of Ukrainians (29.9%) believe that it is necessary to continue the war in the Donbas until Ukraine has fully regained control over the entire region, as indicated by data from a survey by the Razumkov Center.

At the same time 22.6% of respondents supported providing a special autonomous status to the territories not controlled by Kiev and 21.5% would support their separation from Ukraine.

As noted by sociologists, in comparison with data from March of 2015, the share of those who favor the continuation of the war has slightly decreased (from 32.8% to 29.9%). More significantly, the proportion of supporters of a special status for these territories has decreased (from 30.6% to 22.6%) and the proportion of those who advocate for separation has slightly increased (from 17.9% to 21.5%).

Those who support the total separation of the self-proclaimed republics often say they do not wish the residents of these areas to influence the policy of Ukraine or to receive funds from the Ukrainian budget (74.9% among those who support the separation). Only 17.8% of them support the separation because they think that the people of this region have the right to self-determination.

The survey was conducted during February 19-24, 2016. 2,021 respondents were interviewed. The margin of error is 2.3%.

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