Plotnitsky says separatist republics averted coups

The head of the self-proclaimed LPR, Igor Plotnitsky, stated that the leadership of the DPR and the LPR could have averted the impending "revolution." According to him, as reported by DonPress, it is possible that such “revolutionary” preparations were managed not only in Ukraine but also in Russia.

"It was another attempt at a coup. However, it's not so much the fact of the coup in the LPR. The main goal was to create a precedent for the alleged indignation of the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian Army would move in to solve this situation. So, we worked ahead of the curve, as we all know. We know the internal enemies and those who have patrons, perhaps even in the Russian Federation," he said.

Plotnitsky added that a similar coup was planned within the territory of the DPR, but thanks to the prompt reaction of the management of the self-proclaimed Republic the situation was stabilized.

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