Kerzner: Ukraine will be one of the best places to invest

The Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Jerusalem, the founder and owner of the City Capital Group, Ofer Kerzner, together with other representatives of the business circles of Israel met recently with the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko.  During the meeting they discussed the creation of the most favorable conditions for investments in the country’s economy.  Mr. Kerzner, who is an investment pioneer and has over 20 years of experience in Ukraine, shared details of his work. He told them how the entrepreneurial spirit and creative ideas have helped to overcome several economic crises in Ukraine and he also discussed new opportunities with the President.

Kerzner noted that in the coming years Ukraine will become one of the best places in Europe to invest.  "We believe in Ukraine's future and will continue to provide our knowledge, experience and money," he said.  Mr. Kerzner proved his interest in the Ukrainian market by implementing successful projects that currently work in the former Soviet Republic.  He has made successful ventures in real estate, retail and development of creative spaces.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of companies that already operate or plan to develop business with Ukraine in the areas of IT, telecommunications, energy, agriculture, medicine, construction and real estate, engineering and transportation.

In return, the President has made it a priority for Ukraine to create a favorable business environment to fight against corruption.  Poroshenko discussed measures being taken in this direction and noted that Ukraine seeks to emulate Israel in the development of the state despite difficult circumstances. Ukraine intends to work closely with the business community to create new and unique markets.



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