Media: SBU prevented a murder attempt on MP Anton Herashchenko

The Security Service of Ukraine prevented the assassination of an MP from the faction People's Front, Anton Herashchenko, reported.

It was noted that two Ukrainian citizens, imprisoned in the occupied Crimea, were released on parole and agreed to attempt to assassinate the MP. One of them has faced similar charges three times already. According to the investigators, their actions were coordinated by Andrey Tikhonov, a former Ukrainian citizen, who fought on the side of the LPR, and now lives in Belgorod (Russia).

"The surveillance of the suspects lasted for more than a month and their conversations were documented. The main motive for the assassination of Herashchenko was the attempt to eliminate a prominent politician, who is one of the founders of the main Ukrainian and international database for the search of terrorists the ‘Peacemaker,’ and is also known for open anti-Russian views and is a media personality," the newspaper writes.

Upon receiving proof of their criminal intent and information about the presence of an explosive device in their possession, SBU officers caught them in the act.

Immediately, a criminal case under the Article 112 (attempt on the life of a statesman) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine was initiated against the suspects, according to which the maximum punishment for this crime is life imprisonment.

Investigators are examining the explosive device seized from the detainees, as well as verifying their possible involvement in other crimes committed on the territory of Ukraine, in particular the assassination of journalist Pavlo Sheremet.

Previously, it was reported, the Security Service prevented an assassination attempt on the life of a people's deputy. According to the agency, the operation aimed to Herashchenko’s assassination and was planned, prepared, and monitored from the territory of Russia.

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