Latvia, Lithuania and Germany participate in military exercises in Baltic Sea

In the territorial waters and exclusive economic zone of Lithuania in the Baltic Sea this week, the Baltic Fleet is holding the annual Baltron Squadron Exercise 17/2, Delfi news agency reports.

Lithuania, Latvia and Germany are participating in the exercises.

The Latvian Navy is using the supply vessel Varonis and the minesweeper ship Rusins, and the German Navy is using the minesweeper Pegnitz.

The Lithuanian Navy is represented by the Jotvingis staff ship, the Suduvis and Kursis minesweepers, the Aukstaitis and Selis patrol boats, the Sakiai search and rescue vessel and port boat, as well as a military submarine operations team.

From August 8 to 11, during the naval phase of the exercises, naval skills will be practiced: ship maneuvering, communication procedures, artillery fire and protection against attack on surface targets, search and rescue exercises, and exercises to protect against asymmetric threats. Minesweepers will conduct mine search operations.

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