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  • Germany donates a quarter of its Patriot systems to strengthen Ukraine's air defence

    Germany has launched an initiative to strengthen Ukraine's air defence, which has seen some success but still has room for improvement. According to Ukrinform , German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius made the announcement ahead of a meeting of NATO defence ministers.

    "We will deliver a third Patriot system to Ukraine. Thus, Germany is providing Ukraine with a total of three systems... This represents a quarter of our own stocks, so we can't provide any more," said the minister.

    He expressed …

  • Norway to supply $45 million worth of mortar ammunition to Ukraine

    The Norwegian government has announced that it will donate mortar ammunition worth over $45 million to Ukraine. These mortars have a range of 5-6 km.

    Following discussions with the Norwegian Armed Forces regarding Oslo's capacity to provide additional aid to Ukraine in its efforts to counter Russian aggression, Norway's Defence Minister announced that his country will supply 81-mm mortar ammunition valued at around 480 million Norwegian kroner (over $45 million), according to a government …

  • Macron pushes for coalition to train Ukrainian soldiers amidst German reluctance

    French President Emmanuel Macron is planning to form a coalition of countries to send Western military instructors to Ukraine, reports Welt am Sonntag, citing diplomatic sources in Brussels. However, Germany remains on the sidelines of this initiative.

    Last week, Chief of the General Staff of the French Armed Forces Thierry Burkhard sent a letter to the governments of the United States and several European countries inviting them to participate in a training mission in Ukraine as part of a …

  • Germany greenlights use of German-supplied weapons by Ukraine on Russian territory

    The German government has authorised Ukraine to use the weapons supplied by Germany to strike targets on Russian territory, announced government spokesperson Steffen Hebestreit. "In close coordination with our closest allies and through constant dialogue with the Ukrainian government, we are continually adjusting our support in alignment with the unfolding military developments," he said.

    According to Hebestreit, Ukraine has faced attacks in recent weeks, particularly in the Kharkiv region, …

  • German Defense Minister cautions against public debate on Ukraine using western weapons against targets in Russia

    German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius has warned against the discussions on allowing Ukraine to use weapons supplied by Germany on Russian territory, as reported by Bild.

    "It should be clear for the sake of military tactics and strategy that we do not publicly discuss what is possible, what is allowed, and what we want to see, and what we do not," Pistorius stated.

    The Defense Minister emphasised his preference for keeping this discussion away from public attention.

    "I do not believe that …

  • USA and Germany warn Ukraine over independent use of Patriot systems, threaten supply cut-off

    According to Bild, the Ukrainian army has used Germany-provided Patriot missile systems independently at least once. This prompted threats from both Germany and the United States directed at Ukraine.

    The Ukrainian Armed Forces reportedly used the German-supplied Patriot system in an autonomous strike. In response, furious calls were made to Kyiv from Berlin and Washington, threatening to halt the supply of anti-aircraft missiles if such an incident recurred. Ukraine is also barred from using …

  • German media: Western Intelligence warns of significant territorial losses for Ukraine by year-end

    Western intelligence services believe that Ukraine faces the risk of "significant" territorial losses by the end of the year, report the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung and Welt, citing intelligence assessments.

    The report highlights a bleak outlook for Ukraine, due to the superiority of Russian forces.

    Intelligence evaluations suggest that Kyiv is unlikely to "seize the initiative" in 2024. By the end of the year, Ukraine is expected to suffer "significantly greater …

  • Germany seeks additional €3.8 billion in military aid for Ukraine

    Germany's Ministry of Defence has requested additional funding for military aid to Ukraine from the government.

    Berlin aims to increase the volume of military aid to Ukraine. The Ministry of Defence has requested an additional €3.8 billion from the German government for the procurement of weapons for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as reported by BILD.

    Previously, Germany had already allocated €7.1 billion for military aid to Kyiv for 2024. The Ministry of Defence aims to raise the total amount …

  • Russian court seizes Deutsche Bank's assets amid legal dispute over EU sanctions compliance

    Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region has seized assets, accounts, and securities of Deutsche Bank and its subsidiaries in Russia, amounting to €238.61 million, following a claim by Ruskhimalyans.

    Ruskhimalyans, a company established by Gazprom and Rusgazdobycha, operates the gas processing and liquefaction project in Ust-Luga. Deutsche Bank served as one of the guarantors for the Ruskhimalyans contract alongside Turkish Renaissance Heavy Industries and German Linde for …

  • Welt: Ukraine withdrew from the negotiation process with Russia in 2022 due to Russia's new demands

    Ukraine halted peace negotiations with Russia in 2022 after the latter introduced new demands. These included recognizing Russian as a second official language in Ukraine, lifting mutual sanctions, and ending litigation in international courts, Welt reports, citing sources. Until then, the parties had nearly reached an agreement on most of the treaty's provisions.

    The German newspaper Welt claims to have a complete copy of the peace agreement proposed in Istanbul and has published one page …