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  • Two high-ranking German officials suspected of having close ties with Russia after inconsistencies found in Nord Stream 2 documents

    Two high-ranking officials in the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action are suspected of having ties with Russia. Their case is handled by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution of Germany (BfV).

    According to the newspaper Die Zeit, in the spring, the trustees of the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, Robert Habeck, during the study of internal documents, found inconsistencies in documents on Nord Stream 2, volumes in the gas …

  • Media: Putin's daughter along with body guards have been flying to Germany to see her lover

    The daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ekaterina Tikhonova, has been regularly flying to Germany. She has been accompanied by the presidential guards, reports the investigative project The Important Stories and Der Spiegel.

    Journalists gained access to the email archive of Alexei Skripchak, one of the employees of the Russian Presidential Security Service, who was assigned to Tikhonova. It showed that Tikhonova flew to Germany to see her lover, ballet dancer Igor Zelensky, who in 201 …

  • Germany to deliver IRIS-T air defense systems to Ukraine in coming weeks

    Ukraine will soon receive the latest IRIS-T air defense systems, said German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock.

    "Specifically in the field of air defense, where first of all, help was requested, we made sure that highly modern Iris-T systems were not delivered to another country, but rather delivered to Ukraine. This will happen in the coming weeks," said the German Foreign Minister at a joint briefing with her Icelandic counterpart in Berlin.

    Earlier, Baerbock said that Germany plans to …

  • German Defense Ministry rejects Bundestag proposal to supply Ukraine with more weapons

    The German Defense Ministry rejected the proposal of Bundestag MPs from the ruling coalition to supply Ukraine with more weapons. “In view of the threat posed by Russia under President Vladimir Putin, Germany cannot take such risks,” DW quotes the official representative of the German Defense Ministry.

    "Indeed, we must be prepared for the fact that Putin will take advantage of any weakness and even a temporary gap in NATO's defense readiness," AFP quoted him as saying. He recalled that Germany …

  • German Chancellor Scholz says he does not support EU ban on visas for Russians

    German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (Olaf Scholz) was skeptical about calls to introduce a total ban on issuing visas to citizens of the Russian Federation because of the Russian armed invasion of Ukraine. "This is Putin's war, so I don't like such initiatives," he said at a big summer press conference in Berlin.

    According to Scholz, the European Union has already imposed broad sanctions against representatives of the Russian leadership, and "this will continue." At the same time, the Federal …

  • German ex-Chancellor Schroeder in Moscow for possible talks on gas deliveries to Germany

    German Ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder arrived in Moscow and settled near the head office of the Russian oil conglomerate Rosneft. He told reporters that he was a vacation. In response to the remark that the Rosneft’s office was very close, Schroeder replied in surprise: "Really? Yes, you're right." However, Schroeder's wife denied his words, saying that he is not on vacation at all, but "conducts negotiations on energy supplies."

    "He's not on vacation, he's negotiating energy policy in Moscow, …

  • Despite promises, German government reduces military support for Ukraine

    Despite its promises, the German government has not increased military support for Ukraine. The government opposition calls such behavior shameful, reported Die Welt.

    On Monday, Chancellor Olaf Scholz said: "We will support Ukraine – as long as it needs this support: economically, humanitarianly, financially and through the supply of weapons."

    However, as noted, the actions of the government do not correspond to its statements.

    As the newspaper notes, the list of weapons supplied to Ukraine, …

  • Bundestag Defense Committee calls on Scholz to convene ‘National Conference on Ukraine’

    Chairman of the German Bundestag Defense Committee Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann called on Chancellor Olaf Scholz to convene a "National Conference on Ukraine" as soon as possible to agree on further actions to help Ukraine, reports the news agency dpa.

    The conference should be attended by representatives of the government, the Armed Forces of Germany, defense industry and trade unions, suggested Strack-Zimmermann. "The goal should be to draw up an orderly plan and initiate the next targeted …

  • Media: Germany and Canada are prepared to circumvent sanctions to restore Russia’s gas supplies to Europe

    Germany has convinced Canada to bypass sanctions to help Berlin fix the gas issue involving Russian gas giant Gazprom. Ottawa intends to return Siemens gas turbines to Gazprom, so that Russia has no excuses in restoring gas supplies through Nord Stream. Ukrainian authorities are outraged by the decision of Canada and Germany and intend to fight for it to be cancelled, reported Evropeyska Pravda, citing its sources.

    The Ukrainian side insists that if Canada returns the turbine to Russia, then …

  • Merkel says she is ready to mediate talks between Ukraine and Russia

    Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel does not rule out that in the future she may become a mediator in the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine.

    In an interview with RND news agency Merkel was asked if she was ready to be a mediator. "To date, this question has not been raised," she replied.

    Merkel also noted that last year she tried to discuss with Putin the "Normandy format" and the new order of European security, but he was not ready for the conversation.

    “On the one hand, Putin was …