Kremlin: Russia will not reduce it nuclear arsenal in exchange for easing of sanctions

The US and Russia have different composition of nuclear forces; hence the conversation about their symmetrical reduction is not acceptable and appropriate.
This was stated by the Press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, in interview with Russia’s Vesti show on Saturday.

“Nuclear arms reduction is a conceptual umbrella term, it comprises multitude of details, which you [the host] spoke about. It [the arms reduction] cannot be disproportional. The composition of these nuclear components in the US and in our country is different. And that is why the conversations about any symmetrical arms reductions are not acceptable and appropriate,” Peskov said.

He noted that such reduction can lead to the violation of nuclear parity and nuclear deterrence capabilities.

“It plays a critical role in ensuring the global stability and security. That is why, connecting the issue of sanctions with the question of nuclear arms reduction will not be feasible in the near future,” Putin’s Press Secretary explained.

Peskov pointed out that the President of Russia stated many times before that the question of possible lifting of the sanctions is not on the agenda.

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