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  • Kremlin: Russia will not reduce it nuclear arsenal in exchange for easing of sanctions

    The US and Russia have different composition of nuclear forces; hence the conversation about their symmetrical reduction is not acceptable and appropriate.This was stated by the Press Secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, in interview with Russia’s Vesti show on Saturday.

    “Nuclear arms reduction is a conceptual umbrella term, it comprises multitude of details, which you [the host] spoke about. It [the arms reduction] cannot be disproportional. The composition of these nuclear …

  • First Ukrainian President: The US pressured Ukraine to get rid of nuclear weapons

    Ukraine did not rush to abandon nuclear weapons because it's not easy to do, but the Americans put pressure on the government to do so, according to the online-magazine Slon, citing the first President of Ukraine, Leonid Kravchuk.

    According to Kravchuk, at the time the Ukrainian government wanted the Americans to pay for the renunciation of nuclear weapons.

    “We demanded compensation from the United States and generally from the West. They were constantly, frankly speaking, pressing us and …

  • Ukrainian Intelligence: Russia could use Crimea to launch a nuclear attack on Europe

    The representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine, Vadim Skibitsky, announced on Hromadske Radio on August 2nd that the Crimea could become an outpost from which Russia could conduct nuclear strikes on Europe.

    According Skibitsky, the Russian Black Sea Fleet annually trains on the use of nuclear weapons. He says that they are currently carrying out intensive retrofitting the fleet with new submarines, frigates, aircraft and other types of military …