Kremlin hampers progress in Donbas

The Kremlin's position prevents effective work in the Donbas

To postpone the Ukrainian question and unite in the fight against the "Islamic state" was the call made by the representative of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, at the meeting of OSCE Foreign Ministers in Belgrade.

In turn, Ukrainian foreign Minister, Pavlo Klimkin, reminded those in attendance that the Ukrainian issue is on the agenda for the Belgrade meeting. Pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine threaten peace no less than the "ISIL" militants, he said.

Klimkin was supported by the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry. According to Klimkin, Donbass should complete a ceasefire and hold elections under the supervision of the OSCE. Additionally, the restoration of Ukraine's control over the Ukrainian-Russian border should be established.

Despite the support of Ukraine for other participants in the summit, the Ukrainian delegation doubts whether the General Ministerial Declaration will be adopted in Belgrade. Traditionally, Moscow can act against this process as Russia strongly denies any involvement in the events in the Donbass.

"We offered draft decisions and projects regarding the participation of the OSCE in the border monitoring as well as the draft decisions regarding political prisoners and journalists.  The OSCE can consider these issues and take the appropriate measures. But, of course, all these actions overwhelmed the Russian side,” Klimkin said.

As previously reported, at the meeting of the OSCE, Klimkin compared the rebels in the Donbas with the terrorists of the “Islamic state.” Lavrov first met with the Turkish Foreign Minister in Belgrade after the Su-24 accident.

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