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  • Russian delegation ejected from meeting room ahead of Putin-Kim talks

    A delegation of Russian ministers, who arrived in Pyongyang with president Putin, was asked to leave the negotiation room at the request of a North Korean official. The official was reportedly upset because the Russian president's entourage entered the room before North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, reports The Moscow Times.

    The event was broadcasted live by North Korean media, covering Putin's visit.

    Those forced to leave the room adorned with Russian and North Korean flags included Russian …

  • Russia relocates 80% of troops from Finland border to Ukraine

    Published satellite images reveal empty bases previously hosting Russian military equipment and personnel. Finnish news outlet Yle reports significant movement of Russian forces from the Finland border to Ukraine.

    Finnish intelligence confirms that up to 80% of the troops have relocated. The satellite images, revealed by Finnish journalists, show nearly deserted garrisons and military bases of Russian ground forces near the Finland border.

    Only obsolete equipment remains at some bases, and …

  • Swiss authorities thwart alleged Russian assassination plot ahead of Ukraine Peace Summit

    Swiss special services, prosecutors, and police were intent on detaining a Russian diplomat for allegedly purchasing weapons and preparing an assassination before a Peace Summit.

    Described by local media as the most serious case for Swiss special services in a long time, the incident involved a representative from Russia attempting to buy weapons in preparation for an assassination ahead of the summit.

    According to reports, the diplomat sought not only weapons but also dangerous substances …

  • Putin’s unprecedented security: for the first time, fighter jets escort presidential aircraft on domestic trip

    For the first time, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s aircraft was escorted by fighter jets on domestic trips. Today, on July 18, Putin flew to Yakutia, marking his first visit there in the past decade. During his domestic trip, the aircraft was accompanied by combat jets, reports the Russian opposition news outlet Agentsvo.

    Residents of Yakutia captured the flight of the presidential aircraft on video. According to these recordings, the plane carrying Putin was escorted by at least one …

  • Russia acknowledges downing of A-50 reconnaissance aircraft by Ukrainian Forces on February 23

    Russia has acknowledged that on February 23, its A-50 reconnaissance aircraft was downed by Ukrainian forces. This information came in reports published on Monday, June 17, by the Investigative Committee and Moscow courts of general jurisdiction. These reports included details about the in-absentia arrest of Colonel Mykola Dzaman, commander of the 138th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).

    Russian authorities have accused Dzaman of terrorism. According to the …

  • Turkey thwarts major terrorist plot in Moscow after Crocus City mall attack

    Turkish special services helped to prevent a second terror attack in Moscow after the assault on the Crocus City Hall shopping center, which militants from the group "Vilayat Khorasan" — banned in Russia — were planning. This is reported by the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet.

    It is noted that a crowded shopping center was chosen as the possible target. Turkish intelligence prevented this second major terrorist attack by contacting Moscow, the newspaper writes.

    The "Vilayat Khorasan" group is …

  • Putin to visit North Korea for the first time in over two decades

    Russian president Vladimir Putin will visit North Korea on June 18-19 at the invitation of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, according to the Kremlin’s press service.

    This will be Putin's first visit to North Korea since his first presidential term in 2000, when Kim Jong Un's father, Kim Jong Il, was still in power.

    Ahead of the trip, the Kremlin leader published an article on the Kremlin website, lauding North Korea for its "firm support" of Russia in its war against Ukraine and expressing …

  • Unintended bombings: Russian Aerospace Forces drop five bombs on Belgorod region in one day

    The Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) dropped five more bombs on the Belgorod region in a single day, yet the Kremlin seeks to hide this from the public. The causes of these incidents are unclear, but they likely stem from the poor quality of Russian weaponry, reports the news outlet by ASTRA, citing Ruslan Leviev, founder of the Conflict Intelligence Team (CITeam).

    As of June 15, 2024, FABs (guided bombs) were found near the villages of Arkhangelskoye and Tseplyaevo-Druzhki, with two more …

  • UN's Atomic Energy agency under scrutiny for support and training of Iranian researchers in Russia

    International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), a part of the UN system, has been supporting Iranian researchers for years and sending them to Russia for training, according to the documents obtained by BILD am SONNTAG.

    According to these documents, representatives of the UN agency met with Javad Karimi-Sabet in Vienna at the beginning of 2022. Karimi-Sabet has been on the US sanctions list since 2020 and is considered one of the key figures behind Iran's nuclear bomb development. Internal email …

  • Yuan trading at risk on Moscow Exchange amid escalating sanctions and stock market panic

    There’s a growing panic on the Russian stock market, and now the Moscow Exchange may have to halt trading of the Chinese national currency, the yuan.

    This comes in the wake of the Moscow Exchange being cut off from trading in US dollars and euros, leading to mounting concerns that the Chinese yuan could be next.

    Reports from Russian media, citing experts, indicate high risks that Chinese banks will cease cooperation with the Moscow Exchange and the National Clearing Center of the Russian …