Kiev promises to appoint a 'worthy' Prosecutor General

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko discussed possible candidates for the post of Prosecutor General of Ukraine while he was in Washington, D.C. The White House press service stated that Poroshenko assured US Vice President Joe Biden that he is ready to appoint a new worthy Prosecutor General—one who will earn confidence.

Poroshenko also informed Biden about coalition negotiations concerning the formation of the new Ukrainian government which should be faithful to a realization of a reform program that includes relevant IMF and EU demands. According to him, the new government should be committed to the full implementation of the commitments of the Minsk agreements.

Earlier it was reported that US President Barack Obama promised Kiev a billion dollars in support after the change of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The current Prosecutor General, Viktor Shokin, resigned on March 29th. documented the Verkhovna Rada’s acceptance of Shokin’s resignation; a resounding 289 votes were in favor. Now, Yury Sevruk, his first Deputy will serve as interim Prosecutor General.

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