Joint Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade to take part in Common Challenge 16 military exercises

The Command of the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade and staff officers assigned to these battalions arrived at the Demba combined range of the Polish Armed Forces to participate in the certified command-staff drills - Common Challenge – 16, which began on the 11th of December and will last five days, according to the Government website.

Eighteen Ukrainian officers from the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade under the leadership of the Deputy Commander of the Brigade, Colonel Vladimir Yudanov, are involved in these maneuvers. In addition, the headquarters of the airborne assault battalion of the 80th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade of the Russian Airborne Forces, under the leadership of Major Oleg Balyas, will also take part in the training.

“We have arrived at the range, deployed command posts for the brigade and its assigned battalions, and have begun to prepare for certification. The training started on the 11th of December. The International Certification Commission that includes servicemen from the United States, Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine, will evaluate the readiness of the multinational Brigade, according to NATO standards, to conduct a wide range of peacekeeping operations. This is a serious event and we have a few days to review our procedures and check the readiness of personnel to successfully pass this test,” Colonel Vladimir Yudanov stated.  

Based on the results of their participation in the maneuvers, the Command of the Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Brigade will need to have the operational capacities to perform missions and operations in accordance with the UN mandate.

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