Heavy artillery bombardment reported near Avdiivka

Ukrainian military command reported that on Saturday, at around 11:00 pm Kiev time, heavy bombardment of the Ukrainian positions began near Avdiivka.  According to the reports, several mortars hit residential area near Avdiivka, setting several houses on fire.

"Today around 11 pm the enemy opened intense fire on our positions near Avdiivka. Several shells hit houses in residential area causing them [the houses] to catch fire," a statement issued by Ukrainian Command read.

The statement, issued at 11:37 pm Kiev time, said that the bombardment of Ukrainian positions continued. The Ukrainian military command stated that they are conducting inspections to determine the extent of the damage to the houses. They are also determining if there were civilian casualties. According to the preliminary information made available by the Ukrainian Military, the separatists used mortars with a caliber greater than 100mm, which are prohibited by the Minsk agreements.

On Sunday, Ukrainian command issued another statement on Facebook, explaining that a group of representatives monitoring the ceasefire had to be evacuated from the area.

"Fire density was so high that there was a direct threat to the life and health of not only the local residents and Ukrainian troops, but also to the group of representatives of the General Center for the Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire," the statement read.

  Ukraine, Avdiivka