Ukrainian Ambassador in London: The UK regards the Budapest Memorandum as a non-binding political document

The Ambassador of Ukraine to the United Kingdom, Natalia Galibarenko, stated in an interview with that London treats the Budapest Memorandum as a non-binding political document. 

The ambassador said that during her contacts with British partners she informed them of the fact that “the Ukrainian society is frustrated by the unjustified political guarantees that the Budapest Memorandum provided. Due to the lack of security guarantees our country was left face to face with the aggressor”. However, the Memorandum does not prohibit to conduct consultations with the participants of all signatory States.

The main problem is that Russia disregards this proposal and since the Russian Federation, a signatory state of this document, violated its provisions, the memorandum turned into a worthless piece of paper. Natalia Galibarenko also said that Russia did the same in all the basic bilateral agreements with Ukraine, including the Treaty on friendship, cooperation, and partnership.

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