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  • Kremlin demands explanation why UK special forces have been tasked with countering Russian special operations

    The British ministries of defense and foreign affairs must explain publicly the reports in the British media that the UK special forces have been retasked with countering Russian special operations, said the spokesperson of the Russian Embassy in the UK.

    “As far as we understand, these are still drafts that will be presented for approval by the political leadership. We would like to hope that the relevant politicians will not allow the soldiers and special forces to implement their dangerous …

  • Russian fund sues Lithuania for €1 billion over nationalization of Snoras Bank

    The Russian Fund for Protection of the Rights of Investors and Foreign States announced in a statement that it has filed a lawsuit against Lithuania at the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce.

    According to the fund, when Snoras Bank group was nationalized, it was worth around € 2.5 billion. “The exact lawsuit amount will be determined at a later stage of the litigation on the basis of the damage assessment. However, the preliminary lawsuit amount is €1.1 …

  • UK urges Ukraine to amend law on demining Donbas

    The UK urges the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to urgently make amendments to the new law on demining, and to allow donors to directly fund the organizations that carry out mine clearance activity, British Ambassador to Ukraine Judith Gough wrote in a blog post on Ukrayinska Pravda.

    According to her, the international efforts to demine Ukraine could break down if the Verkhovna Rada does not quickly make amendments to the new law on demining.

    “At the end of last year, the international community …

  • Putin calls on British businesses to help boost Russian economy

    At a meeting with major British business representatives on Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin urged the senior corporate managers to participate in projects to speed up the Russian economy.

    Putin said that in the next few years, Russia plans to invest “hundreds of billions of dollars in the development of the most important sectors of the economy and social sphere”.

    “I didn’t misspeak, we are talking about investing hundreds of billions of dollars,” the Russian president told the …

  • Russian frigate Admiral Gorshkov passes through the English Channel

    Russian frigate Admiral Gorshkov and its accompanying ships have entered the English Channel, TASS reports, citing the press service of the Russian Northern Fleet.

    The frigate is accompanied by the multifunctional logistics support vessel Elbrus, the rescue tug Nikolai Chiker and Kama sea tanker. Before leaving the North Sea, the frigate and ships underwent communication practice and coordinated the procedures of passing through narrow channels. The squad is wrapping up a long journey from the …

  • Russian diplomats intend to meet the son of ‘Novichok’ poisoning victim

    The Russian Embassy in Great Britain expressed its readiness to meet with the son of the Dawn Sturgess, who died after being exposed to a nerve agent, which also affected Sergey Skripal and his daughter Julia, informs the Russian service of Radio Liberty.

    According to the Russian news agency TASS, the diplomatic mission noted that they intend to send Evan Hope the "Salisbury: questions without answers" report, prepared for the anniversary of the incident in Salisbury.

    "The embassy is ready to …

  • London court seizes Firtash's mansions as part of Russian VTB Bank lawsuit

    The London court ordered to seize two of the businessman Dmytro Firtash mansions, reports the Russian newspaper Kommersant.

    Interim measures on this and other property, estimated at more than £ 50 million, were imposed at the request of the Russian VTB Bank, to which Firtash has not returned 2.5 billion rubles worth of loans.

    The court also ordered the defendant to disclose all of his assets.

    According to sources, representatives of VTB Bank filed the lawsuit in the High Court of England and …

  • Russian Embassy in UK calls Russian flag hoisted on Salisbury Cathedral 'a provocation'

    The Russian Embassy in London considers the appearance of a Russian flag on the Cathedral in Salisbury a provocation, stated the Press Secretary of the Russian Diplomatic Mission on Sunday.

    "We have no official information about this. If it is true that a Russian flag was hoisted on the, in our opinion, it looks like a real provocation,” the diplomat said.

    He added that almost a year after the poisoning in Salisbury, Britain still has not provided any evidence of Russia's involvement in the …

  • British politician expelled from his party over plans to visit Crimea

    The deputy chairman of the Libertarian Party UK and Member of the European Parliament, Bill Etheridge was forced to leave the party after it became known that he intends to lead a British politicians and entrepreneurs delegation to the annexed Crimea. 

    Etheridge’s actions damage the party’s reputation, its chairman Andrew Withers told the BBC Russian Service. 

    “We have sent a compromise agreement for Mr. Etheridge, which presupposed his departure from the party on March 29, 2019. He refused …

  • US Secretary of State calls Lavrov to inform about new sanctions against Russia

    US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held a telephone conversation with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, during which he announced Washington’s intention to impose additional sanctions against the Russian Federation, reported the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry. 

    “In connection with the US Secretary of State’s intention to impose additional sanctions on Russia under the absolutely unproven excuse of last year’s turbid story of the alleged “poisoning” of S.B. Skripal and his …