British politician expelled from his party over plans to visit Crimea

The deputy chairman of the Libertarian Party UK and Member of the European Parliament, Bill Etheridge was forced to leave the party after it became known that he intends to lead a British politicians and entrepreneurs delegation to the annexed Crimea. 

Etheridge’s actions damage the party’s reputation, its chairman Andrew Withers told the BBC Russian Service

“We have sent a compromise agreement for Mr. Etheridge, which presupposed his departure from the party on March 29, 2019. He refused to sign the agreement, but subsequently sent a letter confirming that he would leave the party on March 29,” Withers confirmed to the BBC. 

According to the Libertarian Party’s chairman, the head of the Secretariat, Ethridge Paul Boltwood, who planned to travel to the Crimea, was also expelled from the party. 

Last week, one of the organizers of the Yalta International Economic Forum, Andrey Nazarov, said that British politicians, experts and businessmen are planning to visit the annexed by Russia Crimea. According to Nazarov, in total, the delegation will include about 15 people lead by Bill Ethridge. 

The full composition of the delegation, which was supposed to go to the Crimea, was not disclosed. However, it is known that Jim Bhutto, the manager of “Tikka Kebab”, which specializes in the production of Indian national dishes, was supposed to join Ethridge and Boltwood. In a conversation with the BBC, Bhutto confirmed that he would like to go to the Crimea, but noted that he would make the final decision regarding the trip later. 

Earlier Russia announced the arrival of the French politician Marine Le Pen and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to the annexed Crimea. They are named honorary guests of the economic forum in Yalta, which will be held on April 17-20. The occupants started this forum instead of the Ukrainian Yalta European Strategy (YES) forum.

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