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  • Le Pen rejects Russian endorsement as interference in French elections

    During an interview on TF1, French right-wing politician Marine Le Pen has condemned a recent tweet from the Russian Foreign Ministry as a provocation and an attempt at interference in France's internal affairs.

    "The people of France are seeking a sovereign foreign policy that serves their national interests & a break from the dictate of Washington & Brussels.French officials won’t be able to ignore these profound shifts in the attitudes of the vast majority of citizens," reads the message …

  • Russian company demands that Le Pen’s party repay loan

    The Russian company Aviazapchast has filed a claim against the French National Rally party (L’Association Rassemblement National, formerly the National Front), demanding the repayment of a debt, according to case records cited by Open Media.

    The claim indicated in the records amounts to 639.75 million rubles (€9.08 million). A preliminary session has been scheduled for June 2, 2020.

    According to the news outlet, the debt in question is a €9 million loan which Marine Le Pen’s party took out …

  • Syria's ambassador for Russia: Bashar al-Assad has no plans to visit Crimea

    Syrian President, Bashar Hafez al-Assad, has no plans to attend the Yalta International Economic Forum (YIEF), scheduled for this April, reports the Russian news agency TASS with reference to Syria's ambassador in Moscow, Riyad Haddad. 

    Earlier, the ambassador said that al-Assad "is unlikely to be able to take part" in the Yalta International Economic Forum.

    The co-chairman of the Yalta International Economic Forum Foundation, Andrei Nazarov, said that Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, and …

  • Syrian Ambassador to Russia: Assad will not visit annexed Crimea

    Syrian President Bashar Assad is unlikely to attend the Yalta International Economic Forum in April, stated Syrian Ambassador to Moscow Riyad Haddad, as quoted by Russian media.

    The forum will be held on April 17-20.

    “I don't think he [Assad] will participate in the forum,” Haddad told reporters.

    Andrei Nazarov, the co-chairman of the forum’s organizing committee, previously stated that Bashar Assad and the French right-wing leader Marine Le Pen will attend the Yalta International Economic …

  • British politician expelled from his party over plans to visit Crimea

    The deputy chairman of the Libertarian Party UK and Member of the European Parliament, Bill Etheridge was forced to leave the party after it became known that he intends to lead a British politicians and entrepreneurs delegation to the annexed Crimea. 

    Etheridge’s actions damage the party’s reputation, its chairman Andrew Withers told the BBC Russian Service. 

    “We have sent a compromise agreement for Mr. Etheridge, which presupposed his departure from the party on March 29, 2019. He refused …

  • Bashar Assad and Marine Le Pen to visit annexed Crimea

    Russia announced that French politician Marine Le Pen and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would visit annexed Crimea and take part in economic forum in Yalta as guests of honor. 

    "The honorary delegations at the fifth Yalta International Economic Forum will be the French delegation headed by Marine Le Pen and the delegation of the Syrian Arab Republic headed by Bashar al-Assad. Sergey Aksyonov invited him [Assad] when we were there [in Syria] and got confirmation of his visit,” TASS agency  …

  • Girkin claims that Le Pen visited separatist financier Malofeev

    Former pro-Russian separatist commander Igor Girkin, also known as Strelkov, wrote on his page in Vkontakte social network regarding French Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen. He claimed that in 2013, Le Pen visited the office of businessman Konstantin Malofeev, who became known in 2014 in connection with the war in the Donbas.

    "They ask about my attitude towards Marine Le Pen, her chances of winning, etc. What to say? I saw her once, when she visited Malofeev's office in 2013. But I did not …

  • European Commission: Putin is dividing Europe by supporting the ultra-right

    Russian President Vladimir Putin is supporting ultra-right parties in order to divide Europe. It was for this purpose that he received Marine Le Pen, a candidate for the presidency of France and leader of the National Front, at the Kremlin.

    First Vice-President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans stated this in Madrid, reports RTBF news agency.

    "The reason why Putin supports the ultra-right in Europe is that he knows how it weakens and divides us," he said. "If the EU is divided, it …

  • Macron's team accuses Russia of interfering with their presidential campaign in France

    According to Le Parisien, French Presidential Candidate Emmanuel Macron’s campaign team is concerned that their candidate has become the target of fake news and misinformation by the Russian Federation, which is interfering with their election campaign."Today we have to look at the facts. The main mass media of Russia, Russia Today and Sputnik, which are state-operated, have been disseminating false information [about Macron]. Then, the news is being repeated and quoted and it affects our …

  • French intelligence thinks Russian hackers may attempt to influence elections in favor of Le Pen

    Employees of the General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) of France are not ruling out the possibility that Russia may intervene in the presidential elections with the help of cyber-attacks in favor of Marine Le Pen.

    The secret service announced that Moscow also allegedly intends to use social networks to support the Chairman of the National Front (FN), having arranged for the mass publication of messages in support of the National Front party leader. Russian hackers, finally, may try …