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  • British and Ukrainian defense chiefs discuss increasing naval cooperation

    The British and Ukrainian navies plan to increase cooperation, as stated by British Secretary of State for Defense Michael Fallon at a joint press-conference with Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak in Kyiv, UNIAN reported.

    Fallon announced that the British Navy’s Type 45 destroyers will visit the Black Sea port of Odessa in the summer. It will be the first time British warships have visited Ukraine since 2008.

    The British Secretary of State for Defense also reiterated the UK’s …

  • Ukrainian Ambassador in London: The UK regards the Budapest Memorandum as a non-binding political document

    The Ambassador of Ukraine to the United Kingdom, Natalia Galibarenko, stated in an interview with that London treats the Budapest Memorandum as a non-binding political document. 

    The ambassador said that during her contacts with British partners she informed them of the fact that “the Ukrainian society is frustrated by the unjustified political guarantees that the Budapest Memorandum provided. Due to the lack of security guarantees our country was left face to face with the aggressor”. …

  • UK Anti-Doping Agency calls for the Russian national team be disqualified from 2018 Olympics

    The head of the British Anti-Doping Agency, David Kenworthy exhorted the disqualification of the Russian national team from participation in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korean Pyeongchang.

    He stated this in an interview with the BBC on Saturday, January 7, commenting on the facts of the second part of the report of the World Anti-Doping Agency Commission under the direction of Richard McLaren.

    "What has been done in Russia is unbelievable. It's even more incredible than a James …

  • Poland and Britain called for tougher sanctions against Russia

    During the EU summit, the possibility of strengthening the sanctions against the Russian Federation was discussed, according to the Prime Minister of Poland, Beata Szydło.

    "The first initiative came from the British Prime minister Theresa May. She offered to discuss the possibility of imposing new sanctions related to the events in Syria. This initiative has long been discussed but has not found enough support. But I am sure that we will return to this issue," the Polish Prime Minister said. …

  • British Defense Minister called Russia a strategic competitor of the West

    The British Secretary of State for Defense, Michael Fallon, is ready to work with Moscow to achieve a settlement on the situation in Syria. However, he considers Russia a strategic competitor of the West.

    "I'm ready to work with the new Secretary of Defense [of the US], James Mattis, to de-escalate tensions with Moscow; and as I said, to continue to work with Russia on how we reach a settlement in Syria," he said in an interview with the British BBC.

    "At the same time, Russia cannot be …

  • British MI6 chief criticized Russia's actions in Syria

    The Chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), Alex Younger, sharply criticized Russia's actions in Syria, stating that Russia actually impedes the completion of the civil war in Syria, and thus creates an unprecedented threat of terrorist attacks in Britain and its allied states.

    "As I am saying this, the well-organized structures of the Islamic State involved in the preparation of attacks abroad, are planning violent actions against the United Kingdom and our allies, without the …