British MI6 chief criticized Russia's actions in Syria

The Chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), Alex Younger, sharply criticized Russia's actions in Syria, stating that Russia actually impedes the completion of the civil war in Syria, and thus creates an unprecedented threat of terrorist attacks in Britain and its allied states.

"As I am saying this, the well-organized structures of the Islamic State involved in the preparation of attacks abroad, are planning violent actions against the United Kingdom and our allies, without the need to leave Syria," Younger said to reporters in London on Thursday, December 8, while making his first public statement since he assumed the post of MI6 chief in 2014. Younger noted that the terrorists have this opportunity thanks to the actions taken by Russia.

The head of British Intelligence called Vladimir Putin's decision to intervene in the civil war in Syria on the side of the President of this country Bashar al-Assad a cynical calculation. By doing so, Russia cooperated with the Alawite minority whom the representatives of Sunni Muslims, the Syrian majority, treat with suspicion, Younger explained.

“In announcing that anyone who opposes the cruel government to be a terrorist, Russia has alienated Sunnis – exactly the group whose support is needed to defeat the extremists. Russia and the Syrian regime are trying to turn Syria into a desert and call it peace," the head of MI6 indicated.

Alex Younger also claimed that hybrid warfare, consisting of cyber-attacks and propaganda are becoming an "increasingly dangerous phenomenon," which is a fundamental threat to Western democracies. "Correlation, located in the heart of globalization, can be used by countries with hostile intentions to achieve their goals," the head of the British intelligence service emphasized.

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