FSB accuses foreign intelligence services of plotting cyber-attacks against Russian financial system

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has accused foreign intelligence services of plotting cyber-attacks against the Russian financial system, Deutsche Welle reported.

The FSB claims that several large-scale cyber-attacks were to take place against a number of Russian banks in dozens of cities on Monday, December 5th.

The Federal Security Service did not specify which countries it believes are behind the plans, but it did say in a statement that “server capacity and command and control centers for cyber-attacks are located in the Netherlands and owned by the Ukrainian hosting company BlazingFast.”

The Director of BlazingFast, Anton Onopriychuk, acknowledged that the company does have a presence in the Netherlands.

"The FSB did not contact us… we learned [about it] from the news,” Onopriychuk stated, adding that “those who buy servers do not report [to us] that they will carry out cyber-attacks.”

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