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  • Putin acknowledges Russia is being hit with cyber attacks

    Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged that Russia is being hit with cyber-attacks and said Russia needs to create a state system for information protection.

    During an online meeting of Russia’s Security Council, Putin said a full-scale cyber war is being waged against Russia.

    "The number of cyber-attacks on the Russian information infrastructure has been constantly growing in recent years,” Putin stated. “It is in recent years, but with the beginning of the special military operation …

  • Media: Attack by Russian ‘trolls’ on Italian president to be investigated as terrorism

    The investigation into the mass attack on social networks by the Russian “Troll Factory” against Italian President Sergio Mattarella will be handed over to experts on the anti-terrorism experts, Italian news outlet ANSA reports.

    According to ANSA, the prosecutor’s office of Rome will soon start investigating the “troll” attacks on the Italian president on Twitter, after which the case will be transferred to experts on the fight against terrorism.

    On Monday August 6, the Italian Parliamentary …

  • Germany accuses Russian hackers of carrying out cyber-attacks on media and scientific organizations

    In Germany, several media outlets and a chemical research organization were exposed to cyberattacks,  Deutsche Welle reports , citing the Federal office for the Protection of the Constitution.

    According to German intelligence services, a wave of attacks was carried out in order to allegedly commit espionage. Then intelligence services believe that the attacks carried out in August 2017 and June 2018, which are possibly on-going, were made by the Russian group of hackers called Sandworm.

    This …

  • Ukraine accuses Russia of planning major cyberattack

    Russia is planning to carry out a massive cyberattack on enterprises and companies in Ukraine, said Serhiy Demedyuk, Chief of Ukraine’s Cyberpolice. According to him, the authorities have information that the attack will be carried out in one day.

    The Russian hackers intend to infect Ukrainian companies and state institutions with malware in order to gain covert access to their resources and later to carry out a large-scale attack on them, Demedyuk told Reuters.

    The cyberpolice chief says …

  • Berlin: Russia is behind recent cyber-attack on German Foreign Ministry

    The German government believes a recent cyber-attack on the country’s Foreign Affairs Ministry came from Russia, said Heiko Maas, Germany’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, during an interview with the ZDF broadcasting company.

    Maas listed what he considered to be Moscow’s “problematic” actions, which included insufficient progress in maintaining ceasefire in the east of Ukraine, an attack using poison in the UK, Moscow’s support of the Syrian government, Russian attempts to influence elections in …

  • Bundestag Deputies demand explanations from the German government concerning Russian hacker attacks

    A special meeting of the relevant committee devoted to the hacking attack on Germany’s government network will take place in the Bundestag, DW reports. According to the sources of the agency, the cyber-attack lasted until February 28.

    "The successful cyber-attack clearly indicates that the government’s digital networks are not sufficiently protected. Since this data is very important, the situation is unacceptable," Committee spokesman Manuel Höferlin said.

    Representatives of the German …

  • Media: cyber theft using SWIFT system hits Russian bank

    Kommersant, citing computer security experts, reports that, for the first time in Russia, hackers have managed to carry out a cyberattack on a bank in Russia and withdraw money through the international SWIFT system. This information was confirmed to the publication by the Central Bank; however, the publication’s sources did not name either the bank in which the attack was carried out, or the amount of damage.

    The company Group-IB, which specializes in cybersecurity issues, told the …

  • Media: Russian IT company was behind the Bad Rabbit computer virus attack

    Cyberattacks on the websites and computer network of Interfax, which almost "turned off" most of the news flows for more than a day, was conducted by a "Russian institution directly related to the development and dissemination of information," a source from the agency told Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

    Interfax specialists say that the nature, intensity and degree of coordination of the virus attack prove that the real purpose of the perpetrators was not to obtain a ransom worth a few bitcoins, but to …

  • Poland says it thwarted cyber-attack from Russia

    Polish specialists have managed to repel the hacker attack from Russia, stated Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz during the Polish radio broadcast.

    "This is the third time that we have encountered a cyber-attack from Russia; fortunately, Poland has managed to repel it. The attack was committed against enterprises in Ukraine that have offices in other countries. In other European countries, they had to be blocked, but not in Poland. We managed to make sure that the attack did not …

  • US allocates more than $5 million to Ukraine for cyber security

    The United States will allocate more than $5 million to Ukraine to increase Kyiv's ability to prevent cyber-attacks. This was announced in a joint statement on the first bilateral dialogue between the US and Ukraine on cyber security, UNIAN news agency reports.

    "In support of the US commitment to support cyber security in Ukraine, U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch said that the United States would allocate over $5 million as part of a new assistance program on cyber security, aimed at …