Fighting continues in Avdiivka

Fighting and artillery exchanges continue near Avdiivka, and both sides accuse the other of using artillery banned by the Minsk agreements. The distance between the positions of the separatists and the Ukrainian positions has shrunk to a mere 300 meters.

Both sides admit that the  intensity of the fighting increases when OSCE monitors are not present in the area.

On Saturday a 71 year old woman was hit and killed by a mortar shell while working in her backyard in Avdiivka.

There are unconfirmed reports that the Ukrainian forces  managed to advance and took control of more territory near Avdiivka.

"Don't believe the the reports  that they [the separatists] took control of a part of the Avdiivka industrial area. This is an absolute lie. Ukrainian forces repelled the overnight offensive and even took more territory under their control" wrote Roman Bochkala, a journalist from the Ukrainian TV Channel Inter who is now in Avdiivka.

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