Die Welt: German intelligence agencies to strengthen defense against Russian spying and propaganda

German Sunday newspaper Welt am Sonntag reported that the Federal Government of Germany is planning to strengthen measures for the fight against spying, propaganda and misinformation from Russia. According to Welt am Sonntag, the Federal Intelligence Service of Germany and Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution will report on activity of Russian Security Services in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The high-profile alleged rape of the German teen “Liza” became a catalyst for subversive activities. The Federal Intelligence Service is planning to resume the work of counter-intelligence, the practice of which was suspended after terrorist acts of September 11th, 2001 in the US, the edition noted.

As Welt am Sonntag wrote, the representatives of the CDU/CSU (Christian Democratic Union of Germany/Christian Social Union in Bavaria) ruling party and the opposition political force Alliance 90/The Greens advocate strengthening the fight against Russian propaganda. These politicians are concerned about possible funding of right-wing populist parties, in particular, the Alternative for Germany political party.

“The issue on Russian influence in Germany is among the first on the political agenda,” the representative of CSU, Hans-Peter Uhl said in an interview. Uhl is calling for law enforcement officers of Germany to pay more attention to Russian activity. “The strategy aimed at destabilization that Moscow uses in crisis situations in the European Union is dangerous for our country,” he is quoted as saying.

A member of the Alliance 90/The Greens group in the Bundestag, Marieluise Beck criticized German naiveté concerning Russian influence on the situation in Germany, Welt am Sonntag reports. According to Beck, Vladimir Putin encourages anti-capitalist, nationalist and anti-Western sentiments in German society. Beck stressed that there is fertile soil for Russian manipulations both on the left and on the right sides of political spectrum of country’s society.

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