Checkpoint Marinka resumes operations

Border guard officers have resumed operations at the Marinka checkpoint which was temporarily closed yesterday due to a sniper attack by pro-Russian separatists, according to the Ukrainian State Border Service's website.

"It was due to a situation in this direction; in particular, because of provocative attacks by militants and risks to lives and health of civilians crossing the border",  the statement said.

According to border guard officers, yesterday in the morning there were 10 vehicles at the Marinka checkpoint from separatist-held territory waiting to enter and 90 trying to leave.

200 and 70 vehicles passed through the Zaytsevo entrance and exit accordingly. In Novotroitsk, 100 vehicles moved in the direction of entry, and 80 in the opposite direction. There was no traffic congestion at the Gnutovo checkpoint.

According to the Ukrainian State Border Service, all checkpoints have resumed operations.

  Ukraine, Donbas