Canadian groups sent 11 tons of humanitarian assistance to Ukraine

The Congress of Ukrainians in Canada together with the company Сaravan Logіstics and public organizations, Ukraine Appeal, GlobalFire, Global Medic, and the Canadian League of Ukrainians collected and sent 11 tons of humanitarian assistance to Ukraine, as reported on the website of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine. It is noted that the cargo consists of medical equipment and fire-extinguishing equipment and will be provided to hospitals and fire stations in eastern Ukraine, in particular, Mariupol.

It is the fourth supply of humanitarian assistance made by these philanthropic groups to Ukraine.

"The equipment collected in January 2017 by the Ukrainian community in Canada will improve the quality of medical care for those people who have suffered as a result of Russian aggression against our country and will also allow us to increase our firefighting abilities," the Foreign Ministry noted.

  Canada, Ukraine, Donbas, humanitarian assistance