Biden and Poroshenko Discuss Ukraine's Fight Against Corruption

The United States reported that during a meeting on Wednesday, January 20th, Vice President Joe Biden and the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko discussed the need for Ukraine to continue its fight against corruption. According to the White House this was agreed upon by both leaders.

They also agreed on the importance of the continuation of compliance with the Minsk Agreements by all participants of the conflict in Ukraine, the brief statement said.

The Press Service of the President of Ukraine, talking about the same meeting on Thursday night, said nothing about eradicating corruption, but reported that "much attention was paid to the support by the United States to Ukrainian reforms," and only briefly mentioned all other topics discussed during the conversation.

The authorities of Ukraine have been asked to intensify the fight against corruption by all its international allies. Kiev says that it does a lot towards this effort, but the West thinks that many more requirements still have not been fulfilled by Ukraine in this area.

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