Bessmertniy: Russia is continuing to supply arms and soldiers to separatists in eastern Ukraine

According to the representative of Ukraine in the Trilateral Contact Group on the situation in the Donbas, Roman Bessmertniy, there can be no question of the lifting of sanctions as long as Russia continues to supply soldiers, equipment, weapons and ammunition to the occupied Donbas.  

"Such dynamics coming from Russia, Europe and the World will not only stop sanctions from being lifted but will also add more", said Bessmertniy on Friday in an interview to the "Black Mirror" program on channel INTER.

He said that evidence shows that over the last three months Russia has supplied more weapons, ammunition and military equipment to the occupied Donbas. Russian officers are also starting to command small military units and companies, not just battalions as they were before. Bessmertniy emphasized that the western partners are well aware of what is happening in the Donbas.

"We are saying – we will lift sanctions: but do we really realize that in the geographical center of Europe there is a movement of equipment, weapons and ammunition that can be used to conduct a global continental war? One supply of 200 thousand tons of ammunitions– do you realize its volume? How many countries, including Ukraine, can be exploded by such volumes? Do we realize how powerful the modernized Т-82 tank is and that we cannot stop it from getting to Lisbon?", he added.

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