Anti-Corruption Bureau checking National Bank of Ukraine for involvement in loss of billions due to refinancing of insolvent banks

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) is checking the legal basis of directing funds towards the refinancing of certain Ukrainian banks as well as the involvement of the leadership of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) in this process. This was stated Artem Sytnyk, Chairman of the NABU.

"For several months already we have been conducting criminal proceedings that involve the management of the NBU, related to the spending of money allocated to a number of commercial banks for refinancing. The legitimacy of the spending these funds, as well as the involvement in illegal spending of funds, are the subjects of investigation in this case,” Sytnyk said during the ''TSN. Week'' news program on 1+1 TV channel.

According to him, the amount lost as a result of these actions is "billions."

"We are not talking about specific officials at this time. We are saying that, in any case, such huge (financial) flows [withdrawal of money abroad] could not be done without the participation of the leadership of the National Bank, so practically all the leadership will be checked for involvement in these actions,” said the head of NABU.

He added that most of the funds that were issued as refinancing were transferred either to offshore accounts or to foreign banks.

The employees of NABU conducted searches in the National Bank on 29 March. Sytnyk said at that time that the criminal proceedings concerned the leadership of the NBU. The management of the banking regulator cooperated with the investigation and provided the necessary documents.

According to the NABU, NBU officials acted in the interests of third parties - they helped several commercial banks. From unofficial sources, it became known that the searches were also conducted in the office of the Acting Deputy Governor at National Bank of Ukraine, Ekaterina Rozhkova. This case, in particular, may be connected with the state refinancing of the Platinum bank.

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