Akhmetov warned Yanukovych's son against buying coal from his mines in separatist-held territories of Ukraine

The remaining anthracite in the uncontrolled territory is illegal, as reported by DTEK (Donbass Fuel and Energy Company).

The DTEK energy holding company, owned by Rinat Akhmetov, sent an official letter to the company Donbasenergo, controlled by Alexander Yanukovych, cautioning him not to buy coal from the nationalized mines in the separatist-held territories of Ukraine (ORDLO), as stated in the company's press release.

It is noted that after losing control over enterprises in the ORDLO, DTEK has been tracking the illegal movement and usage of anthracite.

DTEK-controlled enterprises had 430,000 tons of A/T grade coal in their warehouses. Due to the decision by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) regarding the prohibition on the movement of goods across the contact line, there is a high probability that this coal is being illegally sold to thermal power stations (TPS) located in the ORDLO, in particular, at the Donbassenergo Starobeshevskaya TPS, the company said.

"The purchase of this coal is a crime under Article 209 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, which addresses the legalization (laundering) of income obtained by criminal means. In its letter, DTEK warns that should the coal be illegally sold or used, the company will prosecute all individuals involved in this process and hold them criminally responsible for financing terrorism," the report says.

"Representatives of the so-called Luhansk People's Republic and Donetsk People's Republic will not be able to sell coal in Ukraine, therefore, they will use it to supply TPSs and produce electricity in the uncontrolled territory. Of course, this is a cheap resource, because it is, in fact, illegal. It is our duty to warn all possible buyers," said the head of the crisis headquarters of DTEK, Denis Didenko.

The primary owner of the controlling 60.89% stake in Donbassenergo is the private joint stock company, Energoinvest Holding, established by Igor Gumenyuk. However, this is only one of the two main owners of Donbassenergo. According to the head of the Donetsk regional military-civil administration, Pavel Zhebrivsky, the eldest son of the former president of Ukraine, Alexander Yanukovich, owns a 34% stake in the company.

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