Naftogaz CEO donates millions to assist soldiers in Donbas

Andriy Kobolyev, CEO of the Ukrainian oil and gas company Naftogaz, has reported on his donations to charity in the first semester, TSN reports, citing Kobolyev’s Facebook page.

“I gave 8,861,100 hryvnia (around $227,000) to charity. That’s all of my earnings in Naftogaz for the period from the middle of January to the middle of June. In particular, to each of the foundations ‘Return Alive’, ‘Tabletochki’ and ‘Narodny Tyl – Rehabilitation’ I gave 1,865,700 (around $72,000),” Kobolyev wrote.

According to the Naftogaz CEO, the funds donated to charity were used to buy equipment and outfits for the defenders of Ukraine, to finance the training of officers through a new program, to buy medication for child cancer patients, to sponsor the recovery of children and relatives of killed soldiers, and to organize career guidance for 1,000 children from migrant families, orphanages and boarding schools.

Kobolyev promised to continue to donate to the foundations until the end of the year. According to TSN, in 2018, Naftogaz’s board of directors were given 389 million hryvnia (around $15 million) in bonuses.

The website of the Return Alive foundation states that it assists Ukrainian soldiers. “Thanks to people who care, we have sent to the front line more than 900 thermal imaging cameras, more than 1,000 tablets with software for artillerymen, 95 quadcopters for aerial reconnaissance, 20 aircraft GPSs and around 60 vehicles. The foundation has installed radar systems on the frigate ‘Hetman Sahaydachniy’, the minesweeper ‘Horlivka’ and the ship ‘Donbas’. We have trained 350 snipers, 700 sappers and more than 2,000 artillerymen,” the foundation’s report states.

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