Mirror Weekly: US opens cases against Poroshenko’s entourage

the US has initiated criminal cases against several members of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s close circle, according to an article by the Ukrainian newspaper the Mirror Weekly.

“According to our sources’ information, criminal cases have been initiated in the United States, in which they are investigating the facts of various abuses committed by people from Poroshenko’s team. They primarily concern money withdrawal and laundering. The same sources attest that several defendants in these cases have already signed an agreement to cooperate with the investigation, and are giving testimonies,” the article states.

Tatyana Silina ,the article’s author, writes that “Bankova [Poroshenko’s office] views [NABU Director] Sytnyk’s sacrifice to Trump as a deal, with the result that the American president will ban the American system from ‘running down’ Poroshenko and Co.”

The journalist notes that the US has no favorite in the upcoming Ukrainian presidential elections, but it fears the emergence of a “third Maidan” if the legitimacy of the election is not convincing.

“Because Putin could benefit once again from the destabilization of the situation in Ukraine. And then the Americans will be forced to react to this much more severely and decisively than what is happening today,” the article observes.

According to one of the article’s sources, Washington has no intention to immediately recall its ambassador to Kyiv, Marie Yovanovitch, in connection with the scandalous accusation made by Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko.

“What is more, the State Department is trying to persuade her to remain in Ukraine even until summer, although the family circumstances related to her close relatives demand that Marie Yovanovitch return to her homeland,” the article notes.

“And so Marie Yovanovitch will stay for now, and you don’t have to wonder what her disposition is. But the stormy sentiments encompass more than just her. As many of the Mirror Weekly’s sources testify, the State Department is not merely angry, it is furious. The American system does not forgive such tricks. Not by anyone, ever,” the author notes.

The office of Ukraine’s current President and candidate Petro Poroshenko responded as follows to the Mirror Weekly’s article:

“The report by the Mirror Weekly concerning supposed criminal cases filed in the US against Poroshenko’s entourage are classic pre-election dirt. It’s a pity that this filth is spouting from the entourage of a presidential candidate who is trying to privatize the adjective ‘honest’. When assessing the mentioned ‘sensation’, one should take into account that there are only 8 days before the elections. During this time… everything is distorted, even the Mirror. Especially in the case of a presidential candidate’s family news outlet.”

The editor-in-chief of the Mirror Weekly is Yulia Mostova, who is married to the presidential candidate Anatoliy Hrytsenko.

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