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  • Former NATO Vice Secretary General explains why Ukraine is not accepted into NATO

    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has not been willing to let Ukraine and Georgia become members due to their extremely confrontational relations with Russia, explained former NATO Vice Secretary General Alexander Vershbow in an interview with the publication Segodnya.

    The alliance has repeatedly emphasized that the countries in question could theoretically become members, he noted. However, it would be problematic in practice, because the matter is political and related to …

  • Ukrainian POWs made to undergo psychiatric examinations in Russia

    Second rank Captain Denys Hrytsenko, one of the Ukrainian sailors captured by Russia off the coast of Crimea, said that he and his fellow prisoners of war Mykhailo Vlasyuk, Andriy Drach and Vyacheslav Zynchenko were taken to the Serbsky Center in Moscow to undergo psychiatric examinations.

    Hrytsenko’s account reaches us through his Russian attorney, Nikolai Polozov.

    “During the examination, Denys Hrytsenko responded to the experts’ questions in accordance with Article 17 of the Third Geneva …

  • Mirror Weekly: US opens cases against Poroshenko’s entourage

    the US has initiated criminal cases against several members of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s close circle, according to an article by the Ukrainian newspaper the Mirror Weekly.

    “According to our sources’ information, criminal cases have been initiated in the United States, in which they are investigating the facts of various abuses committed by people from Poroshenko’s team. They primarily concern money withdrawal and laundering. The same sources attest that several defendants in …